September 28, 2011

Miss {K} - C/O 2012

Another awesome senior from the North Clackamas School District, we are blessed :)

Mr {K}

I had the pleasure of photographing my best friend, finally! If you haven't already heard of him  you should check him out, he's running for office in Oregon. You can find his facebook page here. I wish you the best of luck friend :)

Miss {A} - C/O 2012

Gorgeous senior from Milwaukie High School, so happy to be able to photograph fellow mustangs! Enjoy -

Mr & Mrs {J}

I have known this bride for about 15 years, it was quite the pleasure to take part in photographing her special day. I wish you two the best!

Miss {C}

Beautiful little girl with eyes, and lungs, that will melt a boys heart some day :) Enjoy!

Miss {E}

I am incredibly blessed to work with such beautiful children -- I think you'll understand after looking at this little angel!